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Alex Besikian

Recueil de dessins réalisés par l'artiste Alex Besikian.

”Like a celebrity's sunglasses, Alex Besikian's images actually show everything they want to hide: from intricate, long and carefully crafted photomontages made from photographs of traces & imprints (scotch tape, peeling paint on a wall, broken shop windows, etc.). These images proceed from successive coverings and erasures, deletions, withdrawals. Alex Besikian's colored surfaces are empty screens that mask missing parts.

On the "Foreshadows" series, as the title suggests, Besikian worked from photographs of shadows cast by objects or cast on surfaces - photographs taken by himself which he combined together but remain invisible to the public. As if emptiness and color had combined to escape the lines and the drawing.

Privilege of the shadow to remain elusive, to flee those who seek to seize it, to project, to cover without canceling, to tint without materiality. Privilege and greatness of the art of Alex Besikian to compete with the shadow, to express what is not, to give shapes and colors to what is missing.”

— Laurent Bruel (Editions Matière), 2023

Technical informations
20 pages
26x35,5 cm (format fermé)
Impression riso 3 couleurs 
Papier Munken
300 exemplaires