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Motel Universe [3]

Joakim Drescher

Welcome to Epidermis, home planet of the Skins and headquarters of Shackler Pharmaceuticals: Wade through sleaze tourists in the edgy downtown, take a tour of the dungeons of Terror Tower, watch a live broadcast of the hit reality show "Muscle Jeff" or stop off for an award winning Groin Goblin at the Drowsy Puppet. Come experience a sensual world of pleasure, comfort and entertainment beyond your wildest dreams!

Published and printed by Terry Bleu in Amsterdam. 

Technical informations
176 pages
Format: 250x190mm
Screen printed cover in 4 colors
Riso printed
2 colors mostly / 4 colors sometimes
Cover: Sirio Pearl Rose Gold
Inside: Arcoprint Milk 120g
400 numbered copies
Sold out